About Us

The important thing is to not stop questioning. -Albert Einstein

We are a team of individuals from multiple disciplines, driven by the desire of implementing solutions-unbounded by the limits of knowledge or technical know-how. The problem statement address issues ranging from solving social problems and cultural opportunities to building some cool gadgets. It was founded post inspiration on the footsteps of MIT MEDIA LABS by an enthusiatic and ticking learner who discovered a scope beyond rote learning and plain-vanilla implementations of the common problems and sci-fi solutions.

Cyber Labs provides a platform to discuss, debate and explore the viable and easy solutions, be it tech or non-tech to problems via a project-based approach. With hopes to par the levels of exposure, we are delightful for the fact that Cyber Labs is the first direct interface between Indian School of Mines and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cyber Labs ?

You should join Cyber Labs if you are looking for a practical hand into implementing various simple and advanced affairs which may range from writing some scripts for searching a file on your PC to creating your own wifi .exe or creating our own fancy displays. As it works on collective collaboration, be ready to keep your eyes and ears open to share some cognitives with the peers.

Who should join Cyber Labs?

Cyber Labs is an initiative where students create some awesome projects which may fall in any of the three domains : Solving Social Problems
Preserving Indian Culture by creating tech that go hand-in-hand with it
Creating some really cool stuff

Who should not join Cyber Labs?

If innovation isn't in your vocabulary then probably we aren't your cup of tea.

How are Cyber Labs members connected to the industrial community?

We are an extrovert and growing community and our members are always on a lookout of experiences at confluences and events organized by MIT Media Labs, IBM, Wipro and others of the like. Our members have interned at Hacklab, StrideAI, Atkins Global and Tonetag to name a few!

Still have queries regarding joining, who will address ?

You can ask any of the members, ping on our facebook page or find this guy..!